I am a native of Escambia, Florida. I am a former member of the Haines City Police Department and also a former city commissioner in Haines City. I am now the immediate Past President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Pensacola Chapter.
I have known Bradley Marshall of CHARTMANS INC professionally and as a friend for a number of years. Originally, members of the Congressional Black Caucus referred us to Mr. Marshall in connection with a matter of some importance. I have found Mr. Marshall to be a tireless worker, a dogged advocate and a strong spokesman for the downtrodden. Mr. Marshall has worked throughout the South, in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and other locations on civil and human rights. Mr. Marshall and I attended together the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama, which commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King’s March 7, 1965 march in Selma when 600 civil rights marchers were attacked by state and local police with billy clubs and tear gas.

The thing that impresses me the most about Mr. Marshall is simply his willingness to help people.

Ellison Bennett
Past President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Pensacola Chapter

I was born in Charleroi, Belgium and have lived in many places in the world; I speak multiple languages and I have learned to get along with people from varying backgrounds.
When I first met Mr. Marshall of CHARTMANS INC, I had recently been demoted for complaining about sexual harassment. I had been employed as a supervisor for a federal contractor doing work as a security firm.
I cannot thank Mr. Marshall enough for his devotion, patience and perseverance on the case. It was a long and hard battle, but we won and showed my harassers that it is illegal to discriminate against their employees. Women have rights as everyone else. Thank you Mr. Marshall.

Monique Kowalow

CHARTMANS provides knowledgeable, reliable and tenacious representation for all of the legal concerns I had experienced in connection with my work as a longtime federal employee. CHARTMANS efficiently handled my issues with determination and resolve. I am pleased to refer them.
Federal Employee

My federal career spans over 24 years. Several years ago I became the victim of hostility in the workplace. Thankfully, I learned about the services of CHARTMANS INC.; I never imagined I would be placed in a position of having to defend my rights within the workplace, but that is exactly what I was forced to do. I was full of fear in having to battle the federal government in an administrative hearing, alone. Thank God, CHARTMANS and Brad Marshall took charge of my case, calmed my fears by providing me with compassionate and comprehensive representation and made it possible for to regain my dignity and allowed to now have the freedom to continue my federal career with a positive mindset; I now have the ability to make good, effective decisions in the workplace and I am no longer subjected to hostility. Thank you CHARTMANS, there is none other to match what you do.

Federal Employee

I am truly grateful to CHARTMANS and Mr. Marshall for serving as my representative in an EEO case. At a time in my life when I needed honest representation from one who would not take advantage of me, a widowed 16 year civil service employee, CHARTMANS' Mr. Marshall showed compassion and miraculously worked on my case, achieving instant results on my behalf.

Audrey L
Federal Employee

Each year at the annual conference of the Congressional Black Caucus, I conduct workshops related to our justice system. During the workshops and in subsequent discussions, I have met and gotten to know Bradley. He is a rare personality in that he is fearless in his effort to protect the rights of all citizens, As a result of his work...I invited him to speak before the Congressional Black Caucus.

United States Congressman Danny Davis

As a university professor and administrator for over 40 years, I have known many students and have remained very interested in their professional and working lives. There is none for whom I have more respect and in whom I place more trust than Bradley.

Professor R. Dunn

Bradley has worn many hats in his work for me and my family. He has served as the family lawyer, where he has skillfully protected my family's interest on a variety of issues. He has served as business manager, obtaining lucrative player contracts, endorsement deals and many other services above and beyond the call of duty as it relates to the work of a professional sports agent. Honest, fearless, fair and hardworking are a few of the words that describe Bradley R. Marshall. We most sincerely recommend him to anyone who should require his services.

Doug and Jackie Christie